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How serious is a DUI involuntary manslaughter charge?

You wouldn’t leave your home intending for someone to be killed. Unfortunately for some in Missouri and elsewhere, a night out can end tragically, with someone dead and someone else behind bars for it. If you are facing DUI charges after a fatal accident, it is important to understand what may come next.

Felony drunk driving charges in Missouri

In an instant, a drunk driving conviction can change a person’s life, making it difficult to get or hold down a job, to gain an education and to be approved for certain things, such as a rental application. Missouri residents with DUI charges can also face shame and embarrassment, as well as financial troubles from being required to pay fines and associated fees from the conviction, maintaining an ignition interlock device or enrolling in alcohol counseling sessions. These complications get even worse when a driver finds himself or herself with felony DUI charges.