The bad news is DWI conviction; the good news is expungement

If you have a conviction for driving while intoxicated, your record will reflect a criminal offense, which will cause problems for you as you go through life.

However, if you are a first-time offender and meet certain requirements, the state of Missouri will allow you to clear your record.

The DWI shadow

You may be a college student planning to attend graduate school or a member of the workforce who is hoping to take the next big career step. If there is a DWI mark on your record, you may find it difficult to get into the graduate program you had in mind or to land your dream job. The internet makes background checks extremely easy and when your DWI shows up, a college admissions officer, an employment recruiter, a property manager and others who might have a hand in your future plans may pass you by for someone with a clean record.

Benefits of expungement

Expunging the DWI from your record allows you to return to the life you knew before law enforcement arrested you. If someone asks if you have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime, you will be able to say no and be entirely truthful. A clean record will allow you to pursue your dreams and achieve the goals you had before your bout with the law.

Missouri requirements

There are four basic requirements for record expungement in the state of Missouri:

  • This must be your first expungement; it can only happen once.
  • Ten years must have elapsed since your DWI conviction.
  • There are no other alcohol- or drug-related offenses on your record.
  • You must not possess a commercial driver’s license.

Explore your legal options and become familiar with the requirements for expungement. It is a complicated process, but the good news is that it will ultimately clear your record and enable you to live a life free from the burdens that accompany a DWI conviction.

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