How to get around after a DUI

If you are under arrest for driving under the influence in Missouri, many aspects of your life will change. One major inconvenience is the suspension of your license, and this can cause many issues, especially if you have a job or have children you need to get to and from activities. The good news is you may be eligible for a restricted license, which allows you to get around and live a more normal life. 

According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, Restricted Driving Privilege is only available for first-time offenders, not for drivers with prior DUI convictions. Before you are eligible for an RDP, you must serve a 30-day license suspension period. After that, you may receive a 60-day RDP for limited purposes including education, employment, ignition interlock provider and alcohol treatment. 

If you have additional needs that require driving, you may request an immediate 90-day RDP. This allows you to drive without serving the 30-day suspension as long as you install an interlock device right away. This type of RDP allows you to drive for things such as:

  • Child care
  • Grocery shopping
  • Religious services
  • Medical treatment
  • Court obligations
  • Visitation obligations

What is an ignition interlock device, you ask? An IID is a device that connects to your vehicle's ignition. In order to start the vehicle, you must blow into a breathalyzer and have a BAC of .00. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Missouri requires a person with a DUI to have an IID installed for a minimum of six months. During this period of time, the IID vehicle is the only one the driver can operate.


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