How much does a Missouri DWI affect auto insurance rates?

Receiving a conviction for a driving while intoxicated charge in Missouri sets you back quite a bit financially, and especially once you factor in all the expenditures you will face for your actions from inside and outside the justice system. While you can count on having to pay fines relating to your conviction and license reinstatement fees once you can apply to get your driving privileges back, you can also count on seeing a substantial spike in your automotive insurance expenses. reports that, while just about all drivers across the country will see their insurance rates climb noticeably after a DWI conviction, those who live in some states will see even higher rate hikes than drivers in others. When you start driving again after a conviction for drinking and driving in Missouri, specifically, you can anticipate an auto insurance rate hike of about 64 percent.

So, what might that look like on your insurance statement? When you pay for auto insurance in Missouri and do not have a DWI on your driving record, you can expect to pay an average of $1,288 every year for car insurance coverage. Once you have a DUI conviction, however, you can expect to pay $2,117 annually for insurance, which makes for a difference of $829 per year.

While seeing your insurance bill climb this much can prove troubling, you may struggle to find an insurer to cover you at all following a DWI conviction in some cases. Shopping around, though, may give you your best chance at finding insurance coverage at a rate you can afford.

This copy is educational in nature and is not a substitute for legal advice.

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