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How to get around after a DUI

If you are under arrest for driving under the influence in Missouri, many aspects of your life will change. One major inconvenience is the suspension of your license, and this can cause many issues, especially if you have a job or have children you need to get to and from activities. The good news is you may be eligible for a restricted license, which allows you to get around and live a more normal life. 

Are DUI checkpoints legal in Missouri?

As a driver in Missouri, you may be familiar with DUI checkpoints. Law enforcement departments may set up these checkpoints with the intent to catch people who are driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. While sobriety checkpoints are legal in Missouri, under both federal and state laws, state funding for checkpoints has decreased significantly over the years. Some law enforcement departments have turned to using saturation patrol as an alternative to DUI checkpoints. However, some people are petitioning the state to reconsider the decreased budget and reinstate more DUI checkpoints.