DWI under 21: What consequences do you face?

When you got invited to that freshman social, you never dreamed it would end in getting a DWI, but it did. Now, you get to face the music both at home and in court. Because you fall under the legal drinking threshold of 21, you got a few extra charges added on top. What do all these charges mean for your present and future?

In Missouri, getting caught driving while intoxicated is severe enough. However, add to it the fact that the offender is under 21, and the penalties that result may wind up costing you more.

First DWI offense

If you face conviction of a DWI and it is your first offense, expect the following:

  • Mandatory license suspension up to 90 days (you may qualify for restricted driving privileges to get to work or school during specific hours)
  • Court fines and alcohol remediation classes
  • Insurance rates will likely increase after the first DWI
  • License receives 2 points 

Second DWI offense

If you get caught again drinking while driving and a judge finds you guilty, you may lose your license for one year depending on the number of points on your license. You may also wind up losing your license on the spot depending on your blood alcohol content. This circumstance is an administrative arrest. Officers take your license if your BAC is greater than 0.08 percent and issue you a 15-day temporary driver's license. You have that time to appear in court to regain your license.

DWI under 21

If your age is less than 21, you may face the 90-day suspension or a 1-year revocation in the following cases:

  • You got caught with any illegal drugs while operating a motor vehicle
  • You committed a traffic violation while under the influence of alcohol
  • You attempted to pass fake identification stating your age to be 21 or older

You may also face administrative arrest concurrently if your BAC is 0.02 percent or higher. Notice the threshold is lower than that of drivers aged 21 and older.

A DWI is something you want to try and avoid at all costs. However, if you find yourself getting pulled over after you consumed a few drinks, you may want to understand some of the possible repercussions. Drinking under the legal age may only enhance the fines and penalties.

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