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What is an ignition interlock device?

If you have been charged and convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in Missouri, you may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. In Missouri, and in many other states across the nation, there are certain repercussions following a DUI. In a case where there is a first-time offender, the judge may use his or her discretion when ordering use of an ignition interlock device. When you have more than one DUI charge, you must have a device installed in your vehicle for at least six months once you get your driver’s license reinstated. What are ignition interlock devices and how do they keep you from driving under the influence?

DWI under 21: What consequences do you face?

When you got invited to that freshman social, you never dreamed it would end in getting a DWI, but it did. Now, you get to face the music both at home and in court. Because you fall under the legal drinking threshold of 21, you got a few extra charges added on top. What do all these charges mean for your present and future?

How serious is a DUI involuntary manslaughter charge?

You wouldn’t leave your home intending for someone to be killed. Unfortunately for some in Missouri and elsewhere, a night out can end tragically, with someone dead and someone else behind bars for it. If you are facing DUI charges after a fatal accident, it is important to understand what may come next.