How can a DWI conviction negatively impact your life?

No one wants to receive a DWI conviction. Not only could such it result in your spending considerable time in a Missouri jail or prison, it could also result in the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. In addition, as FindLaw explains, a DWI conviction could negatively impact your life in other ways as well. For instance, it could keep you from obtaining and/or keeping the jobs of your choice.

Should you be a college or post-grad student aspiring to work in a profession such as law, medicine, architecture, etc. that requires you to obtain a professional license, a DWI or any other criminal conviction on your record could result in the licensing board denying you a license. Should your preferred jobs require you to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License, you can rest assured that getting one could be well nigh impossible with a DWI conviction on your record.

Background checks

Even if the jobs you seek require no licenses, you should be aware that virtually all employers conduct background checks of the people who apply for jobs at their companies. Such a background check likely will reveal not only your Missouri DWI conviction, but also the following:

  • Your entire incarceration records, both state and federal
  • Your court records from Missouri and all states in which you were charged with or convicted of a crime
  • Your driving records from Missouri and all other states in which you received a DWI/DUI or other vehicle-related conviction
  • Your driver’s license suspensions and/or revocations from Missouri and all other states in which you lived
  • Your driving records from Missouri and all other states in which you lived
  • Your Facebook and other social media posts, as well as those of your friends and/or family, regarding your DWI/DUI or any other conviction

Bear in mind that some, if not most, employers consider a DWI or any other criminal conviction to be an indication of lack of character on your part. Many also believe it identifies you as a potential troublemaker who they would just as soon not have working for them. Consequently, your DWI conviction could cause you to lose job opportunities since prospective employers may choose to give the job to someone else with the same qualifications as you, but a spotless criminal record.

This is general educational information and not intended to provide legal advice.

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