Take the right road to reclaim your privileges

Keeping your license would probably be one of your first priorities if you were arrested for a DUI in Missouri. After all, you could only expect to depend on your friends and family for a certain amount of time before you start to feel like a burden.

However, it is often far from simple to retain driving privileges — or get them back — after a DUI. There are typically only a handful of options available to you. At the Law Office of Keleher and Eastman, we would make it our first priority to walk you through each feasible process to regain your rights.

You should know that number of convictions or guilty pleas you may have had in the past would most likely have a bearing on your license situation. Each case is different, so it is often important to get a considered and well-informed opinion rather than trying to figure out the system and all of its conditional pathways on your own.

One of the largest challenges we face at our office is when prospective clients have waited too long to come in and see us. The state courts have a rigorous schedule that controls many of the deadlines relevant to the DUI process. It is important to understand this and act upon it as soon as possible, if you would like to maximize your chances of a favorable result.

Your license is probably synonymous with your livelihood. You might need to commute or you might need to take care of your family.  We understand the importance of driving and we fight for all of our clients — our goal is that everyone is able to maintain a quality way of life without unnecessary and undue hardship caused by an isolated mistake. Please read more on our main site.

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