What is a hardship license, and am I eligible?

Losing your license after a drunk driving conviction does not mean that you no longer have to go to work or school or fulfill other important obligations where you would need your car. You and other Missouri residents in the same situation may wonder how to get by on a suspended license.

Obviously, you cannot simply risk driving without a license. To do so would only get you in further trouble if you are caught. You might rely on rides from friends or family, but that may be impractical, and you might feel bad about imposing upon them for too long. Taking the bus or an Uber can get expensive. You might be able to walk to some places, but your job and other destinations might be too far.

The Missouri Department of Revenue explains that those who have a suspended license may be able to get a Limited Driving Privilege, also known as a hardship license. This simply means that, if eligible, you would be permitted to drive in certain circumstances. A hardship license may enable you to drive to work or school or to take your children to school, the doctor’s office or daycare.

You should understand that you may not be able to get a hardship license in some situations, such as if you were convicted of a felony involving a motor vehicle within the last five years. Additionally, you may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle and pay for the associated costs. This information should not replace the advice of a lawyer.

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