Reinstating Your Driver's License After Suspension Or Revocation

Driving in Missouri is a privilege, not a right. If you are arrested for DWI, your driver's license will be suspended or revoked unless you successfully challenge the sanction in an administrative hearing or judicial proceeding. Even if you win your criminal DWI case, the court can still sanction your license or privilege.

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  • Drivers who blew over their legal limit
  • Drivers who refused a chemical test
  • Drivers who hold commercial driver's licenses

In Missouri, if you took a chemical test and the results exceeded the legal limit for your classification, you must request an administrative hearing regarding your driver's license within 15 days of your arrest.

If you refused a chemical test, your license or privilege will be revoked 15 days from the date of your offense. You must judicially challenge the license sanction within 30 days of the date of your arrest. I will represent you and fight to get you back on the road.

A Strong DWI/DUI Defense Effort Is Essential

After an administrative suspension, reinstatement of your driver's license or privilege is not automatic. You must affirmatively act to secure reinstatement. I can provide advice and assistance with the goal of obtaining reinstatement of your license or privilege.

Your best course of action following a DWI/DUI arrest is to retain an experienced defense lawyer. I have been representing people accused of DWI for more than 20 years. My firm has a record of success in sometimes seemingly hopeless cases. I will work tenaciously to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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