Clearing Your DUI Record

Missouri law allows you to expunge all records related to your arrest, plea, disposition and administrative sanctions associated with a first-time DUI. This can restore you to the status you enjoyed before these events as if they had never occurred. It can prevent prospective employers, landlords and other parties from learning about your DWI.

Missouri DWI expungement law is complex. You should seek the advice of an experienced DWI lawyer to learn more about the process and to confirm that you are eligible. Call 816-452-6030 to schedule an appointment with me at the Law Office of Keleher & Eastman.

Expunging Records For First-Time DWI Offenses

I am attorney Jeff Eastman, and I have been successfully representing clients in DWI expungement cases for more than 20 years. I can explain what is and what is not possible regarding your situation.

The requirements for a one-time expungement of a DWI conviction in Missouri:

  • Ten years must have elapsed from the date of your conviction.

  • You must not have had any other alcohol-related or drug-related offenses.
  • This must be your first expungement proceeding.
  • You must not have possessed or be required to possess a commercial driver's license.

Putting The Past Behind You

If you retain my firm to represent you, I can assist you with all aspects of your expungement proceeding. I will research your case, prepare your petition and present it to the court. My goal will be to obtain your expungement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With an expungement, you can put the past behind you and move forward in your life. Let me put my experience and skills to work for you.

Contact A Gladstone Lawyer Experienced In DWI Expungements

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