Questions About Your DWI Or DUI Charge? We Have Answers.

Missouri drunk driving laws are strict. If convicted of this type of crime, you could face a myriad penalties that could negatively impact multiple areas of your life. We understand you may feel overwhelmed by your circumstances, but our Gladstone legal team is ready to assist you. The DUI lawyer at the Law Office of Keleher & Eastman can provide the aggressive defense you deserve.

I am attorney Jeff Eastman, and I help individuals fight drunk driving cases. Whether it is your first offense or you have other DUI or DWI convictions on your record, we diligently pursue the best possible outcome for you. I have decades of experience fighting drunk driving charges, and I will address your specific questions and concerns during this difficult time. You can call 816-452-6030 for an appointment.

Addressing Your Concerns

Many people have questions after an arrest for drunk driving. We believe it is important to inform our clients of all of their options and honestly answer any questions they may have. Our experienced team can answer the following frequently asked questions about drunk driving:

  • Will I go to jail? Even a first-time drunk driving offender can face up to six months in jail. Every case is different, and we will work diligently to keep you out of jail and mitigate the serious penalties you can face.
  • Will I lose my driver's license? A drunk driving offense will result in a suspension of your driver's license. The length of the suspension depends on the details of your individual case. Multiple convictions could lead to a lengthy revocation.
  • Will I be able to drive to work? For first-time DUI or DWI offenders, a limited or hardship license could be available. You could then drive to work, school and other essential places.
  • What is the difference between DUI and DWI? Missouri laws do not differentiate between DUI and DWI. In most cases, these terms are interchangeable.
  • What are the penalties for drunk driving in Missouri? The specific penalties you could be facing depend on the details of your individual situation. Possible consequences include jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines and installation of an ignition interlock device.
  • Is it possible to fight a DUI/DWI? It is possible to fight a drunk driving charge in Missouri. Whether you should challenge the circumstances of your traffic stop or consider negotiating a plea deal, we will work to mitigate the serious penalties you are currently facing.
  • Do I have to submit to a breath test? If you refuse to submit to a breath test in Missouri, you can face a revocation of your driver's license. For a second or subsequent refusal, you could face a mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device.

Our team is committed to positive results. Regardless of the details of your individual situation, you deserve answers and support as you work to protect your future interests.

Experienced DUI Defense Is A Phone Call Away

There is a lot at stake when facing DUI or DWI charges. We can help you fight the case against you and attempt to shield you from penalties that can have a negative impact on your life. To speak with an experienced defense attorney about your case, call 816-452-6030 or email for an appointment.