Clearing Your Record When You’ve Paid Your Dues

Everyone makes mistakes, and if you have some regrets in your past, you probably never imagined how they would affect your life today. Despite the steps you have taken to keep yourself on the right path, your criminal record seems to follow you everywhere making it difficult for you to truly move beyond that moment of bad judgment.

At the Law Office of Keleher & Eastman, I am proud to help citizens of Gladstone, Missouri, wipe the slate clean by seeking expungement of the marks on their criminal records that prevent them from exercising many rights and opportunities. The process can begin when you call 816-452-6030 for a free case evaluation to see if you are eligible for expungement.

What Does Expungement Mean For Me?

To have your criminal record expunged means sealing it from many public records. This will open doors if your conviction has previously hindered you from finding employment, obtaining housing, finishing your education or qualifying for certain government benefits. If you are ready to enjoy the freedom you had before your trouble with the law, you want an attorney who understands the process and the recent changes to the expungement statutes.

Most often, people are seeking expungement for DWI offenses. However, you may qualify for expungement of other crimes. Not every violation is eligible for this process. For example, if you were convicted of a class A felony, most violent crimes or convictions that required you to register as a sex offender, you are likely not a candidate.

If you are seeking expungement of other offenses, you must also qualify by meeting these requirements:

  • Allowing three years to pass since the end of your misdemeanor sentence period or seven years since completing your felony sentence
  • Having no additional convictions during that three or seven-year period and no charges pending against you
  • Fulfilling all the court-ordered requirements related to the offense
  • Demonstrating that you are not a threat to the public

The court does not grant expungement to everyone who applies. After having paid your debt to society, you certainly want the best opportunity for a chance at a fresh start. Having a skilled and experienced lawyer by your side means having an aggressive advocate who will work to restore your peace of mind.

Are You Ready To Clear Your Record?

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