Clay County DWI/DUI Attorney

The Law Office of Keleher & Eastman was founded in 1988 through a partnership of Michael P. Keleher and Jeff S. Eastman. The law firm is comprised of two lawyers known throughout Missouri for excellence in their respective practice areas.

An Experienced Clay County DWI/DUI Attorney

My name is Jeff Eastman, I concentrate on defending serious alcohol- and drug-related traffic offenses, such as:

I am highly knowledgeable regarding the measurement of blood alcohol content and issues regarding the admissibility of test results in court.

In addition to defending drunk driving charges in court, I also guide my clients through any administrative issues related to their driver's licenses, including:

When possible, I also help my clients get any alcohol-related offenses expunged from their record.

Aggressive, Results-Oriented Representation

The state must prove several elements in every DWI case. My job is to make their task difficult, if not impossible. I thoroughly examine the facts of each case including the traffic stop, the chemical testing process whether it be breath or blood, biological issues and other factors that could improve your chances for a dismissal of your DUI charge or a reduction to a non-alcohol driving offense. If necessary, I will vigorously defend you at trial.

I do not take cases simply to plead people guilty. My reputation is such that many attorneys refer clients to me. They know that when I take a case, I take it seriously and to maximize any opportunity to win.

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